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Female Drumsplitter Cable for Roland® Brand E-Drums

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Female Splitter for Roland® Modules
Use this cable to get two different sounds out of the same input on your Roland® module.  The only difference between the 'Male' and 'Female' version of the splitter is the type of connection at the single or module end.

Module models (and inputs) that the splitter cables will work on:
TD-9 (AUX and CR2)
TD-11 (CR2)
TD-12 (All inputs)
TD-15 (AUX and CR2)
TD-17 (AUX and CR2)
TD-20 (All inputs)
TD-27 (CR2, AUX1, AUX2, and AUX3)
TD-30 (All inputs)
TD-50 (All inputs)
SPD-30 (HH, SNARE, and RIDE)
Tom and cymbal pads will still remain velocity sensitive.
You can use only the "Head" or "Rim" side of a particular pad (the other portion of it will not function).
Cymbals will lose their ability to be "choked."