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Female Drumsplitter Cable for Roland® Brand E-Drums

Female Drumsplitter Cable for Roland® Brand E-Drums

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Female Splitter Cable for Roland® Modules
Use this cable to get two different sounds out of the same input on your Roland® module.  The only difference between the 'Female' and 'Male' version of the splitter cable is the type of connection at the single (module) end.

Module Compatibility:
TD-9 (AUX and CR2)
TD-11 (CR2)
TD-12 (All inputs)
TD-15 (AUX and CR2)
TD-17 (AUX and CR2)
TD-20 (All inputs)
TD-27 (CR2, AUX1, AUX2, and AUX3)
TD-30 (All inputs)
TD-50 (All inputs)
SPD-30 (HH, SNARE, and RIDE)

Additional Information:
Tom and cymbal pads will still remain velocity

You can use only the "Head" or "Rim" side of a
particular pad (the other portion of it will not function).

Cymbals will lose their ability to be "choked."

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